"Excellent, practical advice and wisdom-based counsel from someone who has been both in the trenches and at the peak. The perfect graduation and career kick-off gift."

Stephen R. Covey
Author, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and The 8th Habit, From Effectiveness to Greatness


"Bill White's book should be required reading for anyone starting a career, and a must-read for anyone after they have started their career."

Warren Bennis
Distinguished Professor of Business Administration, University of Southern California and co-author, Geeks and Geezers: How Era, Values, and Defining Moments Shape Leaders


"From Day One is not a book of pie-in-the-sky platitudes. This is reality-based, advice-tested, tempered, and proven by life experience--a 'toolbox' that will provide young professionals with the fundamental habits for career success. It's must reading for anyone who aspires to career success in business, industry, education, or government."

Jack Rayman
Director of Career Services and Affiliate Professor of Counseling Psychology and Education, Penn State University


"If you are a young person who believes in the future, who believes in personal growth, and who has the humility to learn, this book is for you."

Ram Charan
From the Foreword by Ram Charan, Charan Associates business advisor, speaker, and author of several bestselling books, including Confronting Reality and Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done


"Looking for a shortcut to fame and fortune? This book won’t satisfy. But if you want to know what you don’t know that blocks your path to a dream career, you can do no better than putting your ear to Bill White’s ground."

Allan Cox
Management author and consultant to Boards, CEOs and Top Teams


"Fortunate is the young professional (or old professional, for that matter) who heeds this advice. Its theme rings clear and true: Concern yourself with making your organization better and learning from every experience and everyone.  Follow some basic decency principles (show respect to everyone) and the rewards will follow.  As I read FROM DAY ONE, the word that kept coming to my mind was "integrity" -- having a life or moral code that is integrated into one's attitudes and behaviors at work.  It defines "success" at a much higher level. This book empowers and implores people to choose the natural high road and let success follow.  It is also filled with practical tips, not an idealist or moralist dream.  It is meat and potatoes success story!"

Jean Egmon
President, Third Angle, Inc.
Co-Author, The Prepared Mind of a Leader: Eight Skills Leaders Use to Innovate, Make Decisions and Solve Problems


"Oh, what wisdom!  These profound truths are rarely found in the world of academics.  Yet they are the only truths that count in life, both personally and professionally.  Savor every thought!"

Glenna Salsbury
Professional Speaker
Author, The Art of The Fresh Start
Past President, National Speakers Association


"Overflowing with tips, wisdom, and solid values on which to build your career...and your life.  Although written for making the most of your first job, it's valuable for people at any level wanting to do better for their organizations and themselves."

Ed Zschau
Visiting Lecturer
Department of Electrical Engineering
Former Member of the United States House of Representatives from California


"Many people, when they start a new career, focus on one thing: how to get ahead. Later on, they learn the importance of other goals, such as making a contribution, upholding their values, and pursuing a passion that they find meaningful.

Throughout his distinguished career as a major business executive, professor, and corporate board leader, Bill White has developed a crucial leaderhip insight that is valuable for aspiring young people as they start their careers  -- and also for the business community and country at large. It is that these other goals and values are an integral component of being truly successful.

To the extent that you focus on making a contribution rather than getting ahead, you will rise naturally in a company. Your success will be seen as based on merit and worth. Your company and colleagues will all benefit from your rise, and they will be eager to help someone they perceive as helpful to others.

In the previous generation, some saw ruthlessness and greed as being methods for getting ahead. We all saw where that led and what it did to corporate America .

Now a premium is placed on values, and rightly so. Corporations treasure their integrity and their credibility. It means that they will promote the people they trust and who can guard their corporate values.

Your personal ethics are reflected, and shaped, by the dozens of little decisions you make each day. What this book shows is why it is so important these days to get this aspect of your career right.

The natural temptation for ambitious young workers is to look at a situation and say: what can I get out of it? True success, however, comes from knowing how to lead by serving. When you serve the larger goals of your organization, the people around you, and the greater good of your society, you are more likely to get ahead and build a fulfilling, rewarding career.

Benjamin Franklin, the patron saint of self-improvement books, coined the maxim "doing well by doing good" in his Poor Richard's Almanac. Now, in this wonderfully readable book, Bill White shows, step by step, how you can indeed truly do well in your career by doing good in this world."

Walter Isaacson
Author of Benjamin Franklin: An American Life and the CEO of the Aspen Institute. Former Chairman and CEO of CNN Cable Network

"Timeless Resource for Anyone Looking for Their Professional Passion"

"CEO and Professor Bill White's got it right. He nails it. His book FROM DAY ONE explains how corporations tick regarding a new employee. From how to find out what you want to do professionally, to what to do the moment you start a new job, Bill's words of wisdom resonate for anyone looking to start a new job or leave a job they are currently in because they are not happy. It is the perfect tool for anyone currently employed on how to move up the corporate ladder, and how to make networking work for you. It's a terrific book and should be on everyone's must have list."

Voracious "Avid Reader"
Los Angeles, California


"A Must Read for All New Graduates & Everyone else!"

"I just started my new job fresh out of college and I found myself using the things I read in this book towards my career. This book has fantastic career guidance . Each chapter is filled with fact and wisdom. A must read for Seniors, New Hires, et al."

Ghoncheh J "G"
Chicago, Illinois


"William White's book, From Day One, is a very enlightening read for the young professional and recent college graduate. The book is an entertaining explanation of all the things that business people everywhere "wish they knew" back when their careers began. It is chock-full of excellent need-to-know information but is presented in White's conversational style that does not belittle the reader, no matter the level of knowledge with the topics.
White's experience as a CEO as well as a university professor gives From Day One the authority of a business expert and the thouroughness of academia. Recommended highly."

Mike Kinsella

"From Day One is a must read for any new graduate. It presents clear, actionable advice for those starting their first professional job or anyone early in their career. This is the perfect graduation gift! I only wish I had read this a few years earlier and avoided some first job mistakes."

Sarah E. Harrison "Sarah"
Evanston, Illinois


"Wonderful Advice To Begin A Career"

"This book has great advice for beginning a new job, from what to focus on to how to get ahead. Mr. White offers great examples, including his personal CEO background and other CEOs he interviewed for the book. I highly recommend this book for anyone graduating from college or switching jobs."

Alex Thaler
Minneapolis, Minnesota